What Is The Average Price Of Hearing Aids?
October 28, 2020

If you think you may have hearing loss, it’s time for you to get your hearing tested and start looking for a new pair of hearing aids. This begs the question - what is the average price of hearing aids? In this article we’ll dive into average prices of hearing aids and why they tend to be so expensive.

Average price of hearing aids

Average price of hearing aids?

The average price of a full pair of hearing aids is about $4,600. Behind your home and your vehicle, this is generally the largest purchase an individual has to make! We find that to be a big problem. Imagine if you had to pay that much for a pair of glasses!

With the advent of less customized options for hearing aids, prices have dropped. Audien Hearing is proud to be a low price provider, helping those who can’t afford that crazy high $4,600 price tag for a pair of hearing aids. 

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Why are hearing aids so expensive?

Hearing aids are so expensive because for years, the hearing industry was dominated by a few major manufacturers. These manufacturers work with hearing centers, audiologists and sales reps to distribute hearing aids to millions of people every year. 

The problem with this model is how many different entities are involved in getting the hearing aid from the factory to the customer. Using an audiologist, hearing center and sales rep will get you a much higher standard of care and customization, but it’ll also run you about $4,000 more than non customized options.

Thus, hearing aids are so expensive due to the high tech, custom nature of the products distributed regularly by audiologists. With the advent of more one size fits all solutions, though, prices are dropping.

Are there affordable hearing aid options available?

affordable hearing aids

Yes! There are a number of smaller hearing manufacturers that offer affordable hearing solutions for those that don’t have thousands of dollars just laying around. For those looking for more advanced digital technology, a good option in the $500 to $1000 price range is MDHearingAid.com. And for those who want to keep costs as low as possible, our devices at Audien Hearing are even more affordable.

Audien Hearing aids prices

Audien Hearing aids prices

Audien Hearing aids start for as low as $89 for a pair of our EV1 hearing aids, or only $249 for a pair of our EV3 hearing aids. The EV1 hearing aid is one of the top selling hearing devices in the world, and the EV3 is our new and improved model with smaller, sleeker, more comfortable design, and a unique wireless magnetic charging dock. Click here to view all our rechargeable hearing aids.

At Audien Hearing our analog hearing aids keep things simple. Our main goal is to keep the cost as low as possible while giving you a product that’s as comfortable and easy to use as possible.


The average price of hearing aids is $4,600 for a pair, which is an absurdly high figure that the majority of Americans with hearing loss can’t afford. At Audien Hearing, we encourage our readers that can’t afford traditional hearing aids to check out affordable hearing aid options that don’t have so many bells and whistles or advanced customizations. There are plenty of options out there that can help you avoid paying the average price of hearing aids, and instead get one that fits your needs (and your budget).


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