Audien Ear Cleaner

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1 x Cleaning handle

1 x Travel case

16 x Reusable cleaning attachments 

A safe new way to clean

Cotton swabs are not designed for ear cleaning, they actually can push wax further into your ear causing pain, infections and bad hearing. Our ear cleaner is specifically designed to pull wax from your ear safely.

Easy to use, 

Simply insert the silicone tip into your ear and rotate the direction of the arrow. All excess wax will be pulled away leaving you with clean ears.

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People often ask

Is this safe to use?

Yes! The Audien ear cleaners are safe to use. The special screw design is made to clear wax out of your ear, not push anything in (like you can with a cotton swab).

How often do I need to clean my ears?

Some people have waxier ears than others, but realistically you should clean your ears at least every few days. 

How important is it to clean my ears?

It's very important to clean your ears! Having clean ears will help your hearing health, as well as help improve the performance and lifespan of your hearing device!

How is the Audien cleaner different from others?

The Audien ear cleaners are specially designed to get wax out of your ears. The powerful screw design pulls the wax out and avoids pushing wax further in. 

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